Robert Llewellyn's Fully Charged video series has, over its many episodes, focused on vehicles of the four-wheeled variety. Now, as if in atonement, it has produced two successive shows centered on two-wheelers. From bicycles with electric assist to scooters to motorcycles, Llewellyn makes up for previous omissions, all in one two fell swoops.

Most of the variety occurs in one episode, with Robert starting out on a basic electric bicycle bearing A2B badging and working his way up through increasingly powerful, longer-range models. The pedals disappear altogether when he steps up to the passenger pillion of the lithium-power Vectrix VX-1. Finally, they pull out the pièce de résistance: the Zero S from Zero Motorcycles.

Although shorter than the multi-bike show, the other two-wheeled episode is special in that it features the Agility Saietta. Now, we might have been a little harsh on the Saietta's aesthetics when it was first unveiled, but we we're not alone. Indeed, one comment we came across asked whether or not this was the same creature that burst out of that guy's chest in that Prometheus sequel. Eighteen months on though, that initial shock has (mostly) worn off and we've been impatiently waiting to see it actually moving under its own power.

We were not disappointed. Much. There is actually footage of it winding out down a city street, but it is over pretty quick. The bike features an interesting "Wide-Base Variable-Geometry" unequal length front double-wishbone suspension that we would have like to seen put through some corners. We'll take what we can get however, and the discussion that ensues the brief bit of riding is well worth the watching. Scroll down and you can do just that.

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