Steampunk is a fashion that always seems to live just around the corner; every time you think it's down to its last copper fitting, it peeks around the corner for another encore. Poland's Carlex Design, which will outfit anything from a Toyota Hilux to a Ferrari FF with sensuous leather and interior trimmings, is the latest to go the copper-toned way with a Mini Countryman.

Dubbed MiniSteam, this unique vehicle features a satin gray finish with blacked-out windows and lights and bronze detailing that pops all over, it's a crossover that H. G. Wells might have used when he tired of his time machine. Inside, things are ornate in the extreme: a tiny slice of brown wood on the center stack is surrounded by brightwork of copper hue and deep brown leather, the floor is hardwood, even the streering wheel gets twin bands of bronze, and the seats and wheel center cap are set off by insets of mechanical movements.

The Carlex website doesn't appear to have any detailed info on the sci-fi Mini, but if their other works are any indication, this will be expensive and exclusive. Have a closer look at it in the gallery of photos.

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