After enduring a wait for the Brammo Empulse R reveal that was so long it seemed a construct of Samuel Beckett, the moment of truth seemed to pass us by far too quickly. While we've comforted ourselves with the thought that there will soon be deliveries and real-world reviews of the sexy electric street fighter, we are certainly relieved to have our Empulse cravings calmed somewhat by the release of a promotional video.

Brammo's advertising budget might not be large enough to repeatedly interrupt your favorite TV show with its vision of two-wheeled nirvana, but its web-based commercial certainly isn't lacking in primetime production values. And though the basic elements are traditional – a boy, a girl, a bike – it all seems to comes together using a simple plot and does what it's supposed to do: make you really want to ride this motorcycle.

If two minutes and 38 seconds of Brammo candy aren't enough for your rapacious appetite, relax. The Oregon-based company has also released a video about the making of its video that's almost 10 minutes in length. Besides a look at all the fancy technical gear and behind-the-scenes goings on, we are additionally treated to an appearance by Shelina Moreda, Brammo's newest race rider and enthusiastic spokesperson. Scroll below to see why we're holding up two thumbs.

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