Mini gets in Guinness with tightest parallel parking job

Electronic nannies have become so prevalent in cars that they've even taken over even the simple act of parking. Luxury cars have offered parallel parking assist systems for a while now, but these days you can get automatic parking tech on cars as mainstream as the Ford Focus.

Mini has set out to show that human beings can still do some things better than machines. It recently held a promotional event in China for the debut of a new version of its hatchback called "The Chinese Job," where the car in question was used to set the Guinness World Record for the tightest parallel parking job. Two drivers with apparent stunt skills were used, and suffice it to say, breaking the record was no sweat for them.

Using a handbrake maneuver to deftly slide the car into place, the first man to make an attempt set the new record at a combined distance of just 21 centimeters left between his Mini hatchback and two Clubman models. The second gentleman proceeded to one-up his counterpart by breaking the record again at 20 cm. Proving how important pride is to the Chinese people, this one-upmanship continued in single centimeter intervals until the new record was set, and left, at just 15 cm as certified by an official representative from Guinness World Records. The name of the man behind the wheel was Han Yue, and the prior record he broke was 21 cm set by Patrik Folco in Italy just a little more than a month earlier.

Scroll down to watch the tit-for-tat record-breaking that went on for yourself, and join us in wondering why those automatic park systems don't parallel park like this with a running start and 180-degree drift.

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