More power!

That is the mantra often repeated by Shawn Lawless and his EV racing crew, and it looks like they got enough of the stuff last Friday to propel his Rocket drag bike down Virginia Motorsports Park's quarter-mile strip in 6.94 seconds at an impressive 201.37 miles per hour. That's quick, son! And fast!

As with past record-settings, Larry "Spiderman" McBride was in the saddle when the fuse was lit. After nailing the throttle, he doesn't let up, and as the bike goes down the track you can see him throwing his weight around, trying to keep it going straight. The guy is fearless. Or crazy. Or both.

The Rocket is the same OCC-built machine we met (and loved) back in 2010, though it's received a few tweaks since then. It still has its 13-inch Dennis Berube-prepared DC motor, but instead of relying on two separate Zilla controllers, it now sports one custom Zilla box capable of dishing out 4,000 amps from the battery. Speaking of which, that is another area that's seen vast improvement.

Still able to produce more than a megawatt of tire-crinkling energy, the 14.2-kWh battery in the beast this go round was 150 pounds lighter than the original magic box, also built by Derek Barger of High Tech Systems.

Scroll below for the record-setting video along with bonus footage of the seven-second backup and an earlier run. To read a more lengthy account of all the goings on, check out Chip Gribben's write up over at NEDRA's Yahoo group.

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