When the Concept_One electric supercar from Rimac Automobili first went on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show, there were those who assumed that it was more of a pedestal princess than an actual operational vehicle. They were proven wrong when footage emerged of it moving stealthily about the vicinity of the company's Croatian headquarters.

Then, the charge became that it wasn't capable of the high performance that was being touted. Consider that accusation confronted in fine rubber-burning fashion. Rimac is putting together a video that features the car flaunting its fantastic stuff, and has released a few excerpts from that film that will both excite the faithful and quiet the cynics.

This latest footage, however impressive, isn't meant to imply that all its development work has been completed. Indeed, the man behind the machine, Mate Rimac, tells AutoblogGreen that its 0-60 acceleration is still "only" around 3 seconds, with the torque vectoring and traction control systems still in need of tweaking. He also reminds us that this is just a prototype. The production version will be different. And by "different", we assume he means the final product will get even more awesome sauce.

The clip opens with a slow pan of the Concept_One's new custom HRE wheels and Vredestein tires, then, after a few measured glimpses of other portions of its sexy real estate, wistful slide guitar gives way to a drumbeat that underlays the beautiful wail of that aforementioned rubber being tortured through a series of accelerations and opposite-lock flinging about.

The $980,000 superlative is scheduled to make an on-track appearance at 24 hours of LeMans, as well as being displayed at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este. There are also credible rumors of it becoming intimately acquainted with the Nürburgring. While you'll have to wait a bit before being able to see it perform in those venues, you can watch it get fast and furious now by simply scrolling down.

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