Electric-drive vehicles are efficient, but not when they are used as video game joysticks. Then they're just silly.

But that's kind of the idea behind EBall, a strange, "hey-look-at-this" promotion for the Smart ED that was held in Germany last year. Footage from the games was just put together to show the world that you can, in fact, play pong with the all-electric version of the Fortwo.

Two driver participants from the crowd were allowed into the game at a time. Flanked by spectators – Smart claims over a half-million people watched 3,000 games during the Frankfurt Motor Show – the drivers went back and forth, controlling little Fortwo-shaped paddles on a giant screen with the car itself. The idea is kind of cool and certainly garnered some attention, but we'll be much more interested when we can play Mario Kart with one of these things. Watch yourself some EBall by scrolling down.

smart fortwo electric drive Information

smart fortwo electric drive

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