Watch Carlos Ghosn get a ride through Nissan's amazing classic car collection

Many privileges come with the title of CEO at one of the world's top automakers. As top man at Nissan and Renault, Carlos Ghosn certainly has his share of perks. Take for instance unfettered access to Nissan's heritage warehouse in Zama, Japan where 400 Nissan and Datsun vehicles are stored.

Ghosn was given the special CEO tour of the place recently and met some of the engineers who worked on cars such as the 1967 Datsun Sunny 1000 Sports Deluxe. During the visit, Ghosn was treated to a driving tour of the massive warehouse in the 75-year-old Datsun 17 Phaeton seen above.

The impressive collection also includes the GT-R once owned by Ghosn himself, several rally cars and, as the narrator says, "a collection of classic Zeds." Nissan staff and volunteers keep at least 70 percent of the treasures fully drivable.

The warehouse is closed to the public, but there are hints in the video that Nissan could be planning a museum to house the collection. Check out the video by scrolling below.

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