It's been a year since we first saw computer-generated renderings of the Sora electric motorcycle from Lito Green Motion and we've been (less-than-patiently) waiting to see it in action ever since. Happily, that wait is now over.

On the eve of its exhibition to the well-heeled hordes at the Top Marques show in Monaco, the company has released footage of its mean green machine cruising along both countryside blacktop and a banked concrete circuit. In motion, it looks better than we had imagined, and wondered if anything had changed in its journey from paper to production. So, we called up LGM headquarters just south of Montreal, across the Saint Lawrence river in Longueuil, Quebec.

President and founder, Jean-Pierre Legris spoke to us just as he was leaving for the airport and assured us that the previous-released figures are all still applicable. The 185-mile (300-kilometer) range, the about-four-second 0-60 acceleration and the 120-mile-per-hour top speed are all intact. Less happily, for those of modest means, so is the $42,399 Canadian-currency price tag – U.S. customers will actually have to shell out something like $46,000, due to additional cost of selling in that jurisdiction.

Though production was obviously delayed later than the original October 2011 estimate, Monsieur Legris says there is just a bit of homologatory red tape left standing in the way of job one, and is confident deliveries will begin in early summer. Hit the jump for a pair of videos for a taste of what of folks occupying the waiting list will experience for themselves in a few short months. And try not to hate.

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