The Chevrolet Sonic has been busy lately – taking part in a host of adventurous activities like sky diving, bungee jumping, kickflipping, and making a music video. We've seen snippets of a lot of the extreme sports activities the Sonic hatch has been involved in, but we have yet to see the music video for OK Go and its song "Needing/Getting." Chevy has just released a teaser to whet our appetites, however, as well as its latest full-length Sonic ad for the Super Bowl, both of which you can view after the jump.

The 60-second extreme sports spot is part of an onslaught of seven ads that Chevrolet will run before and during the game, and at least four of the brand's ads will be devoted to the Sonic. Follow the jump to check out the new spot called "Stunt Anthem," and if you like the song in the ad – The Fun's "We Are Young" – you can download it here.

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Chevrolet Sonic

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