You've heard us gush about the Ford Mustang Boss 302 before, calling this 444-horsepower coupe "The pony car's best ambassador." Sadly, we have yet to drive the updated 2013 model, which includes, among other things, a reworked front fascia, improved front-end cooling, a more assertive front splitter and new paint and graphics options.

Among those new color choices is Gotta Have It Green, which reminds us somewhat of Porsche Emerald Green popularized on 911 models in the 1970s, albeit a bit flatter. Photographed here being jockeyed into place at Ford's Detroit Auto Show stand this morning, this is actually the second look we're giving you at Gotta Have It, though these photos are markedly clearer (and more numerous) than the ones we showed you back in November. We like the new reflective 'hockey stick' side graphic that replaces the boomerang U-shaped treatment of the 2012 model, but if we're being honest, we're on the fence about the pastel-like paint finish.

If you don't (like) Gotta Have It, there's also a new Impact Blue paint choice, along with School Bus Yellow and last year's Black, Ingot Silver, Race Red and Performance White. Unfortunately, we didn't spy either of the other new colors on Ford's Cobo Hall show stand while we were there for a preview this morning, but they could still make the scene before press days get underway next week.

Speaking of high-performance Mustang models, Autoblog has learned that rumors of the 2013 Shelby GT500 Convertible debuting in Motown are 100-percent false (as if to reinforce that fact, we spotted a 2012 model on a display stand). The most-powerful 'Stang droptop will debut this auto show season, though Ford wouldn't officially say at which show (we're thinking Chicago Auto Show).

So, now that you have a better look at Gotta Have It Green, does it live up to its name? Take our second-chance poll below and let us know what you think in Comments.

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