Toyota GT 86 lets new boxer engine rev in latest vid

Toyota is an auto sales juggernaut, but when it comes to sports cars, the Japanese automaker tends to come up exceptionally short. That should change with the introduction of the Toyota GT 86 in Europe and Scion FR-S in North America, both of which promise rear-drive fun and a reasonable price tag. So far we've seen the 86 in person and we've snapped plenty of pics, but we haven't had the chance to hear the 2.0-liter boxer engine rev.

That changes all changes thanks to a three-minute video that is big on CGI and funky techno music. Hit the jump to watch the animated 86 in action. You'll see the boxer four assembled out of mid air, wrapped in 86 sheet metal and driven to the virtual limit. The video is very Forza meets Gran Turismo and the music a bit overpowering, but the sound of the new boxer engine makes it a must-watch.

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