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How to roll like Leonardo DiCaprio in Stromer style

If you'd like to roll Leonardo DiCaprio style, but don't have the budget for a new Fisker Karma, there is a much less expensive, more environmentally friendly way to do it. Last summer, the actor and Blake Lively were photographed together in New York City, looking quite stylish whilst riding a pair of Stromer electric bicycles. For about $2,800, you can too. (And by "you can too", we mean you can look stylish as well, not cavort about NYC with Miss Lively.)

Sold under the brand Thömus, the Swiss-designed, Taiwan-built bikes have been around for three years now and have steadily been building up a solid reputation. Unlike other electric bikes, the Stromer can either automatically assist you or, with a twist of the throttle, do all the work. For 2012, the company is launching its Elite model which adds more gears, hydraulic brakes and an LCD dash panel to the standard model.

NYCeWheels, which sells the Stromer line along with a variety electric bikes and scooters, made a sweet video demonstrating the effectiveness of its 600-watt motor and trick removable lithium battery. Check it out after the break.

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