When you're partnering up to build a green vehicle, Kenworth and Peterbilt may not exactly be the first names that come to mind, but those over-the-road heavyweights are exactly the companies that Capstone Turbine is working with to generate new concepts. Working with these companies, Capstone expects to develop prototypes for both Class 7 (26,000-33,000 pounds) and Class 8 (over 33,000 pounds) range-extended series hybrid trucks.

In this freight-hauling plug-in hybrid design, Capstone's C65 microturbines will take the role played by a typical internal combustion engine in a vehicle like the Chevy Volt. The turbines provide extended range to the vehicle when electric power runs low, allowing the truck to continue to cover miles. When the driver parks the rig for the evening, the truck could be plugged in to charge the batteries, taking advantage of greater availability and lower rates for electricity.

Capstone states that the initial cost of a turbine engine tends to be higher than a comparable internal combustion model, but over time the turbine requires 70 percent less maintenance. Turbines are also expected to have much lower NOx emissions.

Kenworth has previously introduced both hybrid, and LNG models. Potential hybrid maker Velozzi has selected Capstone turbines for its SOLO sports crossover. In 2008, Peterbilt introduced a garbage truck using a hydraulic hybrid system. Read more in the press release after the break.
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Capstone Turbine Corporation Announces Hybrid Concept Truck Programs With U.S. Heavy Duty Truck Manufacturers Kenworth and Peterbilt

CHATSWORTH, Calif., Oct 17, 2011 -- Capstone Turbine Corporation (www.capstoneturbine.com) the world's leading clean-technology manufacturer of microturbine energy systems, today announced that it is working with domestic heavy duty truck manufacturers Kenworth and Peterbilt to demonstrate Class 7 and Class 8 microturbine range extended series hybrid trucks.

During the recent Hybrid Truck User's Forum in Baltimore Maryland, it was announced that both Kenworth and Peterbilt are working with Capstone to demonstrate Class 7 and Class 8 microturbine range extended series hybrid trucks using Capstone's CARB certified C65 microturbines. Both vehicles are concept trucks intended to quantify the performance, efficiency, and economic benefits of a microturbine-based series hybrid solution. The Kenworth truck is operational and is currently running on the company's test track in Washington state, and the Peterbilt truck is being assembled.

"We're excited to partner with two U.S. based heavy duty truck companies in Kenworth Truck Company and Peterbilt Motors Company on exploring ways to integrate fuel-efficient microturbine technology into medium and heavy duty trucks," said Darren Jamison, president and chief executive officer of Capstone Turbine Corporation. "We are committed to provide cost-effective business solutions for operators in the trucking industry while also helping to reduce emissions. These programs are an important first in a several step process to potentially developing a commercially available microturbine based hybrid product in the next several years," added Jamison.

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