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When you're partnering up to build a green vehicle, Kenworth and Peterbilt may not exactly be the first names that come to mind, but those over-the-road heavyweights are exactly the companies that Capstone Turbine is working with to generate new concepts. Working with these companies, Capstone expects to develop prototypes for both Class 7 (26,000-33,000 pounds) and Class 8 (over 33,000 pounds) range-extended series hybrid trucks.

Between 2000 and 2009, the United Parcel Service (UPS) increased the fuel efficiency across its fleet of 60,000 delivery vehicles by a relatively remarkable ten percent (with more on the way). Part of that boost is attributed to UPS' extensive deployment of alternative fuel vehicles, like the 48 Kenworth-built, liquefied natural gas- (LNG-) fueled heavy-duty trucks that the delivery company will soon add to its fleet.

As part of its ongoing efforts to green its delivery fleet, Coca-Cola is adding 10 heavy duty hybrid trucks to its South Florida operations. Its national goal of 120 vehicles appears to have increased to 142 according to an article in the Miami Herald which discusses the Florida addition. The trucks are being built by Kenworth in Canada and use a drivetrain developed by Eaton. They can run on electric power alone up to 30 or 35 mph, make use of regenerative braking and are said to reduce fuel co

Most people probably don't know the name PACCAR but they've surely seen Peterbilt, Kenworth and DAF. Those are three of the biggest medium and heavy duty truck brands on the market . The smoky exhaust from those big diesel trucks has surely annoyed most drivers and pedestrians at some point in time. PACCAR produces trucks under those brands and others that are used around the world. The company has announced plans to meet 2010 diesel emissions requirements by adding exhaust gas recirculation (EG

A look at the home page and press release section of Kenworth Truck Company's website will show you that reducing fuel consumption and emissions is a very big deal to the trucking industry. The fact that these trucks are the vehicles which log the most miles on American roadways should tell you all you need to know as to why. By improving the aerodynamics of their vehicles, cutting down idling time and explaining how (.pdf link) to maximize your fuel economy, Kenworth seems to be trying hard to

The Kenworth Truck Company has announced a new Class 6 hybrid-electric truck model, the Kenworth T270 at the Mid-America Trucking Show. The T270 is powered by the new PACCAR PX-6 engine with an integrated transmission-mounted motor/generator linked to a 340-volt battery pack. A dedicated power-management system switches the powertrain between "diesel mode" above 30 mph and "hybrid mode" below 30 mph when the diesel engine gets an electric boost to improve fuel economy in stop-start conditions. A

Industry organisation, Diesel Technology Forum, has announced that all major heavy-duty truck and engine manufacturers have met new Environmental Protection Agency standards for emissions cuts and have been certified by EPA for full production. To meet the new emissions requirements, new long-haul trucks are equipped with particulate matter filters which result in 2007 models being 90 percent cleaner than the previous generation. Nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions have also been reduced significantl

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