Escort marries social networking and radar detection with Android/iPhone app [w/video]

Now we're not suggesting that you're a lawbreaker, but if you're a social networker and you'd like to know where speedtraps are – for no reason at all – then Escort might be able to help. Makers of the Passport line of detectors, Escort has started a mobile app-supported network called Escort Live that features Bluetooth notifications.

When an Escort detector using a special Bluetooth-enabled cord – called SmartCord Live – registers a trap, it sends that info to the cloud, which then forwards that location to your smartphone to warn you of the trap if you're about to be in range. It can also identify red light cameras and other types of road surveillance systems.

The app works with certain Apple iPhone and Android handsets, and a subscription to the service through 2012 costs $79.95. That strikes us as rather pricy, but we suppose it's cheaper than a speeding ticket. Check out a video of it in action after the jump.

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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ESCORT Introduces the Ultimate Real-time Ticket Protection Network - ESCORT LIVE™

ESCORT Inc today announced the introduction of ESCORT Live™, the ultimate real-time ticket protection network. ESCORT Live™ is the social network for the road where drivers share live alerts with other drivers so everyone in the network can drive smarter.

West Chester, OH October 24, 2011 -- ESCORT Inc ( today announced the introduction of ESCORT Live™, the ultimate real-time ticket protection network. ESCORT Live™ is the social network for the road where drivers share live alerts with other drivers so everyone in the network can drive smarter.

ESCORT Live™, now available directly from ESCORT, uses Bluetooth technology embedded in SmartCord Live™ cords and a unique app for the driver's smartphone. When alerts are detected, they are transmitted to the ESCORT Live™ "cloud" and then broadcast across the ESCORT Live™ network, notifying drivers of potential ticket threats. In addition to these live alerts, ESCORT's industry leading Defender® database of fixed position cameras and speed traps is also provided.

"ESCORT can provide the most advanced radar and laser defense on the market by utilizing the power of real-time, cloud-based sharing among drivers," ESCORT President and CEO John Larson says. "ESCORT Live is the social network for the road so you can know sooner, react faster and Drive Smarter."

The key to ESCORT Live™ is real-time national reach and scale. Currently there are more than a million compatible ESCORT or BELTRONICS radar detectors on the road in the United States. Multiply this data gathering and sharing process by millions of miles and driving hours and the result is a nation of protected ESCORT Live™ drivers.

Here's how it works: Imagine departing for the morning commute. Your neighbor's ESCORT radar detector encounters a laser gun; that alert information is relayed immediately to the ESCORT Live™ network as a confirmed "laser detected" threat. Later, as you head in the same direction, even when you are miles away from the waiting laser gun, your smartphone equipped with the ESCORT Live™ app displays a red "laser spotted" alert before you are in range.

ESCORT Live™ alerts are displayed with band, signal strength and frequency. Events spotted previously in the network are indicated by an "approaching live alert" message with directional location arrow and distance-to-arrive to the alert source.

Alerts appear at their coordinate location and are marked with an intuitive "heat map" decaying icon that changes color and transparency based on alert relevance.

The ESCORT Live app provides the latest available information on speed cameras, speed traps and speed limit data. Important driving data is displayed for compass heading, vehicle speed and over-speed alerts. Users are automatically updated with the latest detector software to optimize performance and eliminate false alerts. The app features map and dashboard views with multiple alert settings based on user preference.

"Following an ESCORT Live driver yields excellent information about what lies ahead because the first vehicle's alerts are seamlessly transmitted to other cars equipped with the ESCORT Live™ app," Larson says. "ESCORT Live is about drivers helping drivers in the ultimate live alert network."

ESCORT Live™ is available for select model iPhones and Android-equipped smart phones. Current ESCORT owners with compatible detectors can purchase the SmartCord Live power cord, smart phone app and ESCORT Live™ subscription through 2012 for a special introductory price of $79.95. For a limited time, customers can also purchase the ultimate live ticket protection package which includes a new ESCORT radar detector equipped with ESCORT Live™ through 2012 for a $100 savings.

"Our radar detector products have always provided drivers with the highest level of ticket protection in the marketplace," Larson says. "Now, with ESCORT Live™, ESCORT drivers don't need to be in the range of the threat, they just need to be in the network!" Get more details on the revolutionary ESCORT Live™ network at or call 800-433-3487.

About ESCORT Inc.
ESCORT Inc. is the leading manufacturer of high-performance radar and laser detectors, Guardian Alert reverse obstacle detection systems, Entourage GPS enabled navigation and tracking products and other Drive Smarter products. ESCORT manufactures products under the ESCORT, PASSPORT, REDLINE, SOLO, Vector and BELTRONICS brands. The company is headquartered in West Chester, Ohio with its principal manufacturing facility located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Facts on radar detectors and speeding tickets:
- Radar detectors are legal in 49 states (only Virginia and Washington, DC prohibit their use)
- According to ESCORT, more than 50 million drivers receive a speeding ticket in the United States each year - about one in every four drivers
- According to the average speeding ticket costs $150.00 and the average insurance premium increases $900 over the course of three years

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