Electric Chevy Camaro tears down the 1/4-mile in 10.08 seconds

Back in April, Ron Adamwicz's electric 1981 Chevrolet Camaro ripped down the quarter-mile track at Palm Beach International Raceway in just 11.253 seconds. In addition to its record-setting quarter-mile run, the electrified Camaro, dubbed "Warp Factor II," set a world record with a 6.8-second eighth-mile run at 93.43 miles per hour. And get this: those records were set with just one of the Camaro's two electric motors operational.

On August 6, with both electric motors functioning correctly, the Team Haiyin EV Racing Chevy Camaro tore down the strip at Lebanon Valley Dragway in 10.08 seconds, hitting a top speed of 127 mph. That time puts the electric Camaro within spitting distance of the Black Current, the converted Volkswagen Beetle that holds the world record for "street bodied" electric vehicles.

The time to beat stands at 9.51 seconds. That's simply amazing considering the 1,001-horsepower Bugatii Veyron roars down the quarter-mile in the mid-10s. Hit the jump to watch the electric Camaro rip down the tarmac.

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