Video: Confused Snake Hitches A Ride Down The Highway

Frightened family continues to drive while the snake slithers along the windshield

Last week, AOL Autos Maintenance Editor Tom Torbjornsen reported on the high incidence of critters like squirrels, chipmunks, ants and even porcupines making a home out of your car. This family in Memphis found that even reptiles find the inside of a vehicle to be a nice shelter.

As the family drove down Sam Cooper Boulevard in Tennessee at high speeds, a three-foot-long gray rat snake emerged from the vehicle's hood and began slithering along the windshield. The confounded snake, probably in an effort to get away from the hot and irritating engine, slid around to the side view mirror and finally fell to the roadway.

It probably wasn't the best practice for the family to continue driving while the snake clearly distracted them. According to Zach Bowman over at Autoblog, the best way to handle such a situation is as follows: "If you spot a snake on your car, pull over, get a stick and escort it off, or at least wait in the vehicle until it goes away. Chances are, the animal wants off your ride as badly you want it away from your car."

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