Video: Alec Baldwin Talks Hybrids, Whale Cars, And His New Lady

Gone In Sixty Seconds

When we caught Alec Baldwin at the closing party for the storied New York restaurant Elaine's, he chatted with us about his favorite cars and his new gal. His preference for hybrids, though, is somewhat at odds with the big gas-hungry Mercedes he drives around the Hamptons in Long Island.

The 30 Rock actor is a dark horse possibility to run for Mayor of New York now that Congressman Anthony Weiner appears to have Tweeted away his own candidacy. For AOL Autos, though, Baldwin recalls with some fondness his first car--a free Chevy Impala, and talks about his current rides.

"My first car was like a '67 Chevy that my neighbor had that they let me borrow, because their elderly grandmother owned the car and they said we'd rather have someone drive it," he said. "I literally had this, like, kind of suburban Dickensian moment where a man came up to me and said, 'I want you to take my mother's car.'"

Was it a chick magnet? Baldwin, 53, directed our camera to pan over to his current squeeze, Hilaria Thomas, a 28-year-old Yoga Vida studio director.

Baldwin, a liberal political activist, stated his penchant for driving hybrids and apparently has no qualms about driving foreign. Out in L.A. he leases a pretty pedestrian designed and priced Toyota Camry Hybrid, while in New York he drives a Mercedes ML450 Hybrid.

But don't get the idea that Baldwin's driving tastes are all watercress and alfalfa sprouts. His voice and demeanor can't help but reveal his love for the gas guzzling 1999 Mercedes S Class he keeps at his house on Long Island, NY.

"My favorite car that I drive is a 1999 Mercedes 600," he said, almost salivating over the barge, which gets a mere 11 mpg in the city and 17 on the highway. "It's the last year of the big, land yacht body before they trimmed down the body and took out the weight...It's a giant whale of a car."

He stopped suddenly, coming out of his revery to glance over at Thomas.

"And I drive that out there in East Hampton to go to dinner, when I drive her royal highness."

You have to give Baldwin props for treating his new love interest like royalty, and for that, we saved him the shame of asking whether we could interest him in a Ford Edge, which, incidentally, gets better reviews from AOL Autos than his movie The Edge.

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