Pickup driver tries to run motorcyclist off the road

Pickup driver tries to run motorcyclist off the road – Click above to watch the video after the break

What's worse than a sportbike-mounted motorcyclist passing a slower-moving vehicle in an area where there are double-yellow lines, indicating that passing is prohibited? The answer, as you'll see in the rather shocking video pasted after the break, is retaliation from the driver being passed.

A motorcyclist in Bracken County, Kentucky, was out for a ride with a friend on a beautiful Sunday afternoon when he came up on a red Ford F-150 with an ATV in the bed. The truck was moving at a slower speed than the motorcyclists, so the lead rider decided to pass. We're not going to try to defend the biker crossing in what is clearly a no-passing zone, but that doesn't excuse what happens next.

The driver of the pickup truck appears to swerve sharply in an attempt to run the motorcycle and its rider off the road. We're not mind readers, but there's little doubt that the driver's intent was to cause the rider to crash, or at least to scare the living daylights out of him. For the next several minutes, the pickup driver gives chase, using both his lane and that of oncoming traffic. At about 4:20 into the video, the pickup driver nearly hits another innocent motorcyclist head-on.

Finally, after about five minutes of hopelessly reckless driving, the pickup catches up to the lead motorcycle, who had stopped and dismounted at a stop sign. Confrontation time – with what appears to be a metal pipe in the hand of the pickup driver. As you would expect, a heated argument ensues in which the pickup driver somehow claims he's in the right and that he's – get this – allowed to drive like a maniac because he "grew up on these roads."

The whole sordid affair ends with a phone call to the police, but according to the local riders from, the police, for reasons completely unfathomable to us, have yet to respond. Check out the complete video after the break with your own eyes, but beware, it includes some potentially NSFW language at the very end.

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