Video: Just another day in the life of Travis Pastrana

Travis Pastrana ruins two cars in 24 hours – Click above to watch video after the jump

A day in the life of Travis Pastrana is probably a bit more exciting than our own 24-hour standard stretch of day-in/day-out minutia. We don't race rally cars, do multiple back-flips on a dirt bike or try our hand at NASCAR. Interestingly enough, it's that last one that seems to be giving Pastrana some trouble. He's a man not used to failing, but so far his Pastrana-Waltrip Toyota racecar has an unhealthy attraction to the wall.

Travis was behind the wheel at the K&N Pro Series West NASCAR race when he crashed multiple times. The car went on the trailer and Pastrana headed for a waiting jet, which whisked him off to Salem, Missouri. There, Pastrana hopped into the more familiar territory of his Subaru rally car. Competing in the Rally America National Championship, things were looking good until Pastrana's Subie decided to dance with the tree-lined surroundings. Mother nature won but driver and co-driver, thankfully, walked away.

It certainly makes for an interesting 24 hours. We're glad that it was only cars that were hurt, and we're also glad the cameras were rolling. Click past the jump to spend 24 hours in Pastrana's Alpinestar shoes.

[Source: Vimeo via Alpinestars]

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