Chrysler 300C gets Frankensteined with a Viper V10 – Click above to watch video after the jump

Red Letter Dodge, the official Dodge blog, has an oh-so-short clip of a Viper-engined 300C doing a circle in a parking lot. Not a donut, mind you, just an out-and-back. The video itself is rather underwhelming, so don't say you weren't warned, but since it comes from an official outlet, we have to imagine that there'll be something far more compelling soon enough. For now, to get a taste of what a 300C hiding a Viper V10 looks and sounds like, check the vid after the jump.

UPDATE: And all that speculation (and hope) was for nought: reader Viper GTS-R wrote to let us know that the car was a project out of Florida and is nothing official. It is a manual transmission and Viper GTS-R also guesses that the engine came from a Ram truck, not the snake. Thanks for the tip, Viper GTS-R

[Source: Red Letter Dodge]

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