Wild turkeys attack Porsche 911 – Click above to watch the video after the jump

We've been guilty of over-ogling a Porsche or two in our time, but we've never become obsessed to the point of chasing a 911 up and down the road. But alas, there are some out there who are so star-struck by the sight of a well-crafted German sports coupe that they will resort to following its every move. In fact, we do have video of a pair of crazy turkeys that are virtually glued to just such a Porsche.

And when we say "turkey," we're not talking 1970s slang for someone who is "unreliable, makes empty promises, or who is full of bluster." We're talking about a pair of delicious, plump and angry wild birds looking to protect their turf at all costs. Hit the jump to watch the oddly funny video. Keep in mind that there are a couple of points where the distracted driver holding the camera forgets to stop recording (especially :50 in to the 1:18 mark), making for a bit of a nauseating viewing experience.

[Source: YouTube]

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