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Back in 2003, Ford gave us the GT supercar – a road-going homage to the iconic GT40 race car. Ford discontinued the GT when its high-powered Shelby GT500 debuted for the 2007 model year, but now the word around Dearborn is that there may be another top-end Blue Oval supercar coming down the pipeline. This time around, however, things may be a bit greener.

According to Motor Trend, Ford Motor Company executives have suggested that if a GT successor is created, its main focus will be fuel efficiency, citing the possibility of an electric drivetrain. The EV supercar isn't a new idea, after all – Porsche is readying its 918 Spyder and Mercedes-Benz has shown us its SLS E-Cell. Of course, Ford's plans are simply rumormill fodder at this point, but we'll keep our eyes peeled for silent supercars roaming around Dearborn in the coming years just the same.

[Source: Motor Trend]

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