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Translogic is excited to see that new automotive technology has prompted government regulators to reconsider the venerable fuel economy label, but we couldn't help but wonder what might happen if some of our favorite designers were tasked with tackling the redesign. So, we asked Draplin Design Co., Script & Seal, and GRID, LLC to take a shot at reimagining the label. Draplin's submission and supporting rational can be found below.
EPA Sticker Concept 1
  • EPA Sticker Concept 1
EPA Sticker Concept 2
  • EPA Sticker Concept 2
EPA Sticker Concept 3
  • EPA Sticker Concept 3
EPA Sticker Concept Iconography
  • EPA Sticker Concept Iconography

Draplin Design co. | Aaron Draplin

What's really important to the us when buying a car? First off, it's locating the price on that invoice. It's funny how they bury it in monospace, dull fonts. You have to discover it, then, wade through rebate code and vague MSRP lingo. What I'm getting at here is the unfortunate practice of making crucial data reliably understated, or, just sorta underwhelming.

So with my study I wanted to take the rather drab look of our "new" grading system stickers and beef up the visuals to tell a couple stories: First off, a story of iconic blue sky and green earth. Health, vitality and a cleaner world. Second, in terms of readability, and, subversive strategy. Basically, you'll see how the gas guzzlers systematically get harder to read as you go down in grade. The idea here is to make that informational exchange as rough as possible in the "D" grade, and, is a bit of a metaphor of my speculative guess on the nature of such buyers of such gas hogs. Frankly, they could give a rat's ass less about fuel economy or carbon footprints. Right? Sadly, we'd reckon so.

In my second study I thought I'd go at the throats of juicy, American targets. They tell a simple story of good to bad, utilizing American themes like politics, country music and slang. From the good, down to the bad. Obama down to Palin. Willie on top, and that gunslinger Toby Keith revving up the bottom. Anyway, depending on where you stand in the fuel economy spectrum, you might get the fact that President Obama is pushing us into cleaner territory with green technologies. Or, maybe you might relate to that farce Palin on her 3000 horsepower tundra tank that runs on crude oil and polar bear blood? Do the right thing.

Finally, I wanted to develop a clear icon set to quickly distinguish the types fuels both contemporary, in development and on the table for the future: Steam, fossil, electric and the elusive hydrogen! My dirty fingers are crossed for clean alternatives for all Americans, and, a brighter future. Free of Sarah Palin. Fingers crossed.

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