Larry Larson and his six-second street-driven Nova – Click above to watch videos after the jump

Technically, there's nothing wrong with putting your race car on a trailer and towing it to the track. In fact, as anyone who has tried to use a track rat as a daily driver can tell you, a car can be either a racer or a commuter. Rarely can it do both effectively. But there's a certain subset of drivers out there for whom "trailer queen" is as dirty a phrase as any four-letter word you could think of. Hot Rod Magazine has worked up an event just for these folk. It's called Drag Week, and the rules are pretty simple. Cars must run five tracks in five states over five days, lowest ET wins and everyone has to drive their bruiser from track to track. No trailers allowed.

This year's king of the heap is Larry Larson and his 1966 Chevrolet Nova, a racer that is staking its claim for the title of world's fastest street car. A twin-turbocharged 565 cubic-inch big-block Bowtie V8 supplies the grunt, and though it's never been on a dyno, estimates put it at more than 2,300 horsepower. As a result, Larson can launch the car down the quarter mile in 6.95 seconds at 209.1 mph, even after driving the car on public roads for five days straight – some of it in pouring rain, no less. Hit the jump to see a few videos of the machine.

[Sources: 1320 Video via YouTube, Bang Shift]

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