Due to the whole bankruptcy/bailout saga, it's been awhile since we've seen General Motors advertise during the Super Bowl. That may change next year, though. According to Automotive News, the company seeks a return to pre-bankruptcy ad-spending levels by upping this year's budget three to five percent. That includes running a Chevrolet-focused spot during Super Bowl XLV. The news comes courtesy of GM marketing VP Joel Ewanick, who says that we can expect a rash of new advertising projects.

These include a new TV spot highlighting the Chevrolet Camaro and a new tagline for Cadillac, so get ready to hear plenty about "The New Standard of the World" in the near future. Likewise, Chevrolet will try on a new slogan after "Excellence for All" proved to be a dud. Exactly when these new marketing efforts will start popping up on our TV sets is still to be determined.

[Source: Automotive News]
Photo by Chris Shunk/ Copyright ©2009 AOL

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