General Motors has taken its Cadillac dealer network in for service in a big way, and the company is hoping that consumers will be able to tell the difference soon. While the products in GM's luxury portfolio have come a long way in just a few short years, customers lured in by slick ads and slicker sheetmetal have been turned off by a dealer experience that has remained largely unchanged over the decades. To fix that problem, The General recently brought together 300 salespeople for a training seminar in Chicago.

So how do you go about training workers to give customers a more gratifying sales experience? GM decided to turn to a group that knows a thing or two about hospitality – Ritz-Carlton Hotel Co. – for some help. The hotel gurus suggested that dealership owners free up some cash to help rectify bad service issues. Some dealers have given sales people up to $500 in cash to help wow customers. The money can be used to provide free maintenance or extend subscriptions to OnStar or satellite radio in the event that a customer has a problem at the dealership.

The Chicago seminar is part of a nationwide training tour that GM hopes will stamp out the brand's reputation for hit-or-miss service.

[Source: Automotive News]
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