Toyota may be the brand we all associate with unintended acceleration these days, but complaints of runaway vehicles have been lodged against nearly every automaker under the sun. A Kentucky woman recently received a firsthand lesson in that fact when her 2008 Chevrolet Equinox allegedly accelerated to 90 mph for over 20 minutes. State Troopers were eventually able to help bring the SUV to a stop without incident.
According to Louisville television station WLKY, Marlene Taylor was driving with her twin daughters on I-64 when she set the cruise control for the drive home. Instead of sticking close to the speed limit, the vehicle continued to speed up until it reached 90 mph. Taylor called #911 through the vehicle's OnStar system and was told to attempt to shift the vehicle into neutral, set the emergency brake and attempt to physically lift the accelerator pedal with her foot. According to the account, none of that worked.

Troopers eventually brought the vehicle to a stop by pulling in front of Taylor and slowing down. Attorney William McNurry now represents Taylor and says that he and his client simply want General Motors to responsibly investigate the scenario. At this time, Taylor has not filed a lawsuit. You can check out the full story and #911 call on WLKY by clicking here. Thanks for the tip, Steven!

[Source: WLKY]

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