The 19th World Cup is set to kick off later this week, and Mercedes-Benz is throwing its weight behind the company's home team in the global competition. Silver Arrow head honcho Dieter Zetsche has just rolled out a wave of incentives in Germany to promote both the brand's association with the World Cup and the company's sponsorship of the German team. In the run up to the competition, German buyers can snag their own Mercedes-Benz with up to $2,493 in cash at current conversion rates, and should Germany walk away with the trophy, buyers can look forward to even more money.
If Germany can manage take the World Cup, special zero-percent financing and $381 in lease incentives will be made available. Unfortunately, that doesn't exactly look like it's going to happen. Germany hasn't won the World Cup since 1990, and this year doesn't look much better. The odds of the team winning are around 14-1, according to those who calculate such things.

Still, the incentives are less about the Silver Arrow's home team walking away with a trophy and more about Mercedes-Benz appealing to younger drivers. Currently, the company's median buyer age is significantly higher than either Audi or BMW, and Zetsche is likely looking to tap into new, younger money with the World Cup incentives.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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