Cadillac CTS-V Challenge: Follow along on Twitter

If you're looking for live updates from the Cadillac CTS-V Challenge, a variety of spectators are tweeting from the Monticello Motor Club. Get the lap times and more information by clicking here to follow along on Twitter.

UPDATE: Top lap times
after the jump . We'll continue to update with the best times if you're Twitter-averse
UPDATE 2: Lutz pulls off a 2:58:072 lap on his first run
UPDATE 3: Lutz' best time is 2:56:321. Hired guns and factory hotshoes up next
UPDATE 4: John Heinricy posts a 2:46:560 in the CTS-V
UPDATE 5: Final times added to the list below the fold

UPDATE 6: Video of "The Challengers" added.

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