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It's not easy to market a vehicle that has been on the market for over five years with changes so imperceptible that we couldn't name them if we tried. Chrysler is in just such a situation with its flagship 300 sedan, which is most definitely getting long-in-the-tooth. That won't stop the Auburn Hills, MI-based automaker from pitching it, however, and the Pentastar is putting a genuine effort forward with its new ad for the old gangsta sled.

The new spot proclaims that the 2010 300 will put the life back in nightlife, and the spot combines several shots of gorgeous women having a great time intermingled with a few fancy shots of the 300C burning the late night candle at both ends. The ad is part of Chrysler's new "Connect" campaign, which appears to be the swan song for the Pentastar's long-time agency of record, BBDO. Hit the jump to watch the 30 second spot. The Chrysler 300 may be geriatric in car years, but it's still rear-wheel drive, its 5.7-liter V8 continues to pack 360 horsepower and it still looks pretty damn sharp in black.

[Source: Chrysler via YouTube]

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