Cadillac's V-Day stunt driving exhibition - Click above to watch the video

Although things are understandably more than bit somber in General Motors' U.S. operations as of late, over in China, the mood is a bit more upbeat. The evidence? Check out this CTS stunt-driving exhibition held last weekend on Shanghai's Formula One circuit.

According to GM's Cadillac Notes blog, some 19,000 fans gathered to watch the show and celebrate the arrival of the CTS-V in China last weekend – this, despite the heat (with temperatures at around 86°, it was reportedly the hottest May 9 in over a century).

In any case, the professional Hollywood stunt team delighted the masses, as did GM test engineer supremo John Heinricy, who (aside from apparently not being all-the-way retired), marked the occasion by setting a record in the CTS-V for the quickest-ever lap (2:32.80) of the course in a production sedan. Heck, even Spider-Man showed up! Check out the high-res hijinks in our below. Thanks for the tip, Scot!

UPDATE: YouTube video of V-Day added after the jump.

[Sources: Cadillac Notes; YouTube]

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