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Consumer Reports has never compared the predicted reliability of a Ferrari versus a Lamborghini. Rather, these guys and gals are famous for testing the vehicles we actually buy: econoboxes, mid-size sedans, CUVs and the like. They're the NPR of the auto reviewing world, except they're really not. We know the people at CR's automotive department, and they're true car fans. That fact is on display in this video, which previews the mag's upcoming triple comparo of the Ford Mustang GT, Chevy Camaro SS and Dodge Challenger R/T. While CR usually buys all of the vehicles that get reviewed in its pages, the team is still shopping for a Mustang and Camaro and so had to borrow examples for this video. We hope they gave the owners some money for new tires, because most of that rubber went up in smoke during filming. Follow the jump to watch the CR crew kick off their loafers and get crazy.

[Source: Consumer Reports]

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