VIDEO: Mutemath films music vid with a Ford Econoline and... not much else

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The music video has evolved from a low budget way to promote record sales to multi-million dollar budget busters with stunt doubles and special effects. A band called MUTEMATH is out to change all that, as the alternative rock band shot one of its latest video in a Ford Econoline. We're not talking about a set that's made to look like a cargo van; MUTEMATH actually shot their music video in the back of a moving van. The entire video reportedly only took 12 minutes to shoot, and that time includes removing the Econoline's heavy seats and adding two guitars, a drum set and four band members. About half way through the 3:31 video, the band even removes all the equipment and adds a decent-sized piano. If you're a fan of the movie Twilight, you may recognize the song, as it's on the Vampire flick's soundtrack.

Hit the jump to view the video for yourself, if only to see how much action can take place in an otherwise empty Ford Econoline. As an added bonus, we kind of like the music, as well.

[Source: YouTube]

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