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Most NASCAR fans love a good crash, because there are few things in sports more spectacular than flying metal at 200 mph. Crashes are far less exciting (downright scary) when debris from those crashes make it into the stands, as seven race-goers at Talladega can attest.

Carl Edwards' car was clipped by Brad Keselowski on the last lap of the race, sending the number 99 Ford into the fence. Kaselowski was in Edwards' draft on the last lap, and when he made his move to take the checkered flag, Edwards tried to block too late, resulting in a massive wreck. Keselowski won the race in a finish for the ages, but the resulting crash shows just how dangerous 200 mph racecars can be.

The wreck could have been far worse if it weren't for an amazing new fence that kept the Edwards car from killing scores of onlookers. Instead, five of the injuries were not considered to be serious, while the other two weren't considered life threatening, with one woman reportedly suffering a broken jaw.

Just as impressive as the minimal injuries and Edwards' ability to extricate himself from the car unscathed, was this finish. In true Ricky Bobby style, Edwards removed himself from his wrecked race car and ran to the finish. Well played. Hat tip to Leonard!

[Source: MSNBC]

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