There have been a whole slew of reports lately on the true identity of Top Gear's "tamed racing driver". Some say he's Lewis Hamilton, while others say he's the late great Graham Hill. Some say he's venerable stunt driver and former racing impresario Ben Collins, while others say he's the newly-inaugurated President of the United States, Barack Obama. All we know is... the best part of keeping someone's identity a secret by masking his face is that you can switch him around any nobody would be none the wiser.
The latest reports suggest what many have maintained in the past: that the Stig, in all his white flash of glory, is an identity assumed by a variety of professional drivers. Although the Stig who drives the power laps around the Top Gear test track may be the same guy every episode, his duties may very well have been assumed by others at various points. Remember when Stiggy drove a Renault F1 car? That may have actually been Heikki Kovalainen, who spent two seasons at Renault before moving to Hamilton's side at McLaren. And when His Royal Stigginess rode a snowmobile off a ski jump? Actually Swedish snowmobile champion Dan Lang, according to reports. All in all some eight individuals have been identified as having donned the white for the cameras, including former GT driver Chris Goodwin, former Tyrell and Lotus F1 pilot Julian Bailey, and a member of the Autoblog staff who shall remain nameless. We've got to keep the mystery alive now, don't we?

[Source: The Daily Telegraph via eGMCarTech]

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