The Stig's identity is one of those great mysteries that would lose all of its inherent intrigue if it were to be revealed. Regardless, here we are with another story that hints at the secret identity of the man behind the mask. Thankfully, though, the source of the leak was reportedly within the BBC, and the British giant says it will never officially confirm the Stig's ID. We do have clues, though, and if you want to hear 'em, see below.
According to News of the World, the Stig is a happily married man in his 30s who lives in modest home and drives a boring £15,000 car. Although he's been a successful racer in the past, he never quite made it all the way to F1, the pinnacle of motorsports. Feel free to speculate away in the comments, but don't expect us to join in. We like not knowing who he she it is, and hope it doesn't get spoiled any time soon.

[Source: News of the World]

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