We already know that Ford has placed Volvo on the auction block and is actively shopping its Swedish brand to at least one Chinese automaker. New rumors indicate that there may be more players in China with more than a passing interest in taking the brand off the Blue Oval's hands. If SAIC doesn't bite at Ford's $6 billion asking price, Geely has emerged as a possible bidder and officials from the Chinese automaker have reportedly made the trip all the way to Volvo's headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden, to discuss a possible sale with Ford.
So, what potential roadblocks stand in the way of a Chinese automaker snatching Volvo from the throes of bankruptcy? According to Autocar, one sticking point is that Ford does not want Volvo platforms being used by other automakers. A good deal of Ford products share their underpinnings with Volvo sedans and Ford is concerned that its intellectual property could end up in the wrong hands.

[Source: Autocar]

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