The dramatic drop in U.S. vehicle sales is not confined to just the Domestic automakers. Earlier today, General Motors announced an "unprecedented" cut in production for the first-quarter of 2009, and now Honda has followed suit, enacting a set of North American cuts of its own. While the 119,000 total vehicles is just short of half of what GM will drop, these cuts should still be viewed as rather drastic measures for the Japanese automaker, which builds about 80% of all Hondas and Acuras destined for U.S. consumption in North American plants, and had already lowered sales forecasts for 2009.

These production cuts will be achieved by slowing assembly line output and closing various North American plants for two days this month and up to a week in January, including at the Greensburg, Indiana plant that has yet to reach full capacity. Honda is not planning to lay off any workers at any of the affected plants.

[Source: Automotive News - sub. req'd | Photo: Dimas Ardian/Getty]

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