Just four months ago, Kirk Kerkorian had a cup out and was asking passers-by for some spare Ford shares. Although he only wanted 20 million of them, he was offered one billion. Turns out those folks trying to get out of the Ford ownership business might have been a bit more prescient than the Tracinda billionaire. After a couple more weeks of watching Ford's share price begin digging toward the center of the earth, Kerkorian seems to want out of Ford himself.
A week ago Tracinda shed 7.3 million shares, and now it has unloaded another 26.4 million at an average price of $2.01 per share. That's about $6 less than he paid for them. Kerkorian used a $600 million line of credit from Bank of America to finance the original billion dollar investment in Ford, using shares in his MGM casino for collateral. In addition to the loss on the Ford investment, MGM's stock price hasn't held up either, and that means he's had to commit more of the casino to B of A. Kerkorian's latest divestment takes him under 5% ownership of The Blue Oval, which means he doesn't have to divulge any more share sales, but we have a feeling it won't be the last.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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