Click the image above for a high-res gallery of the Mercedes ConceptFASCINATION

When Jaguar launched its latest XK coupe, the ad campaign that accompanied it was called "Gorgeous". When the Mercedes-Benz ConceptFASCINATION eventually becomes the next E-Class, the first thing Mercedes should do is call Jag to see if Gorgeous needs a friend. The shooting brake is absolutely stunning in person, the ultimate rendition of MB's current design language. Whereas a few of the 3-pointed-star's current cars have signature elements that ring true, this E-Class-Coupe-Wagon is the first time the entire theme sings in sweet harmony. The interior is the kind of thing that bespoke dreams are made of, with richly stained wood alternating between low-gloss metal and buttery suede. It is as if Mercedes discovered its inner passion, and if the next E-Class shares these qualities with the ConceptFASCINATION, then BMW and Audi better start worrying. You can discover more about the concept in the press release after the jump, as well as view it live in the gallery of high-res images below.

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