A Ford F-150 that gets 48 miles per gallon? Sounds pretty sweet, and it's apparently quite ready if the promises of Envia Motors and their PHEV conversion are to be believed. Envia, based in British Columbia and also known as Rapid Electric Vehicles (REV), makes a lot of claims on its website, and EVWorld is pretty credulous about the whole deal. EVWorld's article says that the plug-in F-150 can go 38 miles on electric-only power and that the conversion costs between "$15,000 to $25,000 depending on range."

According to Envia's technology page, its vehicles can be converted with either a lithium iron phosphate or military grade lead acid battery pack. It takes just two-and-a-half hours to get a full charge off a 220V outlet and REV says that its batteries can get "Up to 5000 full charging cycles to 100%. Up to 5000 more at 80-90%." Which
battery type they're talking about here
is unspecified.

Considering this is a company we don't know much about, I clicked on the "About Envia" page. Finding an obvious typo - "Teh net result is akin to replacing the $200 a month on fuel with a $20 increase in hydro." - isn't exactly comforting. All this makes me want to ask a lot of questions. Where did Envira the 48 MPGe number come from? Who did the tests? How many conversions have been done so far? Are we dealing with another bit of Trinity hype here or is there something sweet cooking north of the border? Count us as wanting to learn more.

[Source: Envia Motors]

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