Rumormill: Cadillac to get its own Volt?

With enormous V8 land-yachts and even bigger Escalades rolling down America's boulevards, Cadillac doesn't have the most environmentally friendly of images. But that's a perception that the premium GM division is working hard to combat. After unveiling the Escalade two-mode hybrid, reports have begun to surface that Cadillac is considering a four-cylinder model for the American market like the Saab-based BLS it offers in Europe.

New emerging reports now suggest that Cadillac might get its own version of the highly-anticipated Volt plug-in hybrid from its sister-company Chevrolet. No telling at this point if the Cadillac version would be based on the Volt, transplant the Volt's powertrain into an existing Cadillac model, or breed an entirely new Caddy – or for that matter if there's any substance to the rumors – but sources suggest a higher sticker price than the Volt's anticipated $40k.

[Source: Automotive News (subs. req'd) via AutoblogGreen]

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