2010 Cadillac BRX/Provoq will become new SRX

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If you're a big fan of the current Cadillac SRX, you'll be happy to know that the name will soldier on past 2010 when Cadillac's first CUV is replaced by the production version of the Provoq concept, which is often referred to as the BRX. Inside Line is reporting that GM execs decided the SRX name has enough cache with customers to continue using it instead of the rumored BRX. While the name will stay the same, the vehicle will be entirely new with a FWD platform shared with Saab that replaces the current RWD Sigma one that also underpins the CTS and STS. Engines are rumored to be a base 2.8L V6 and and the direct-inject 3.6L powerplant tuned to around 300 ponies. The new platform will also give GM the opportunity to use technology like its plug-in two-mode system in future Cadillacs without re-engineering it from the ground up.

[Source: Inside Line]

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