Officially Official: Peugeot production of 308 RC Z Coupe

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Originally expected to be announced a while back at the Geneva Motor Show, Peugeot has finally officially announced today at the Lisbon Motor Show that the attractive RC Z concept will go into production. Using styling cues from the Audi TT and the classic Karmann Ghia, we think that Peugeot could have a winner on its hands with its new sporty coupe. While Peugeot has not yet announced details on what will be offered underhood of the production machine, the concept used a version of the Mini's 1.6 liter turbo four. We'll be getting all of the details within time, as the official production version will be unveiled in 2009 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. European buyers will have first crack at the RC Z when it goes on sale in the sprint of 2010.

[Source: Peugeot]


As part of the CAP 2010 project and the acceleration of the Marque's product offer, Mr Jean-Philippe Collin, Director General of Automobiles Peugeot, announced today at the Lisbon Motor Show that the RC Z Concept Car will be going into full production.

The final production model will be unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, i.e. two years after the concept car was first presented to the public and will then go on sale in the spring of 2010. This unique model is one of the first results to come from the CAP 2010 competitive premium strategy. Therefore, the specification of the production model will be based on the key features of the RC Z concept car.

Its distinctive style, the result of the creative imaginations of the designers working in the Peugeot Style Centre, will keep all the appeal and excitement of the original concept car alive. Dynamic features, as well as the quality of the finish and build will all reflect the highest levels of the Marque's expertise.

By deciding to put the RC Z into production, Peugeot has demonstrated its willingness to break away from the traditional look of its coupés, which has been a key part of its image building, by delivering a unique product proposition with highly original styling. The RC Z has provoked great enthusiasm and has aroused keen interest from the general public. Today, the dream really does become reality.

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