Toyota paying big bucks for bad Tacos

We've already recently covered Toyota's efforts to ease the pain of some Tacoma owners. Here's a refresher: some Tacomas from 1995 through 2000 received insufficient rustproofing and are now experiencing frame failures. In an effort to mitigate customer pain and suffering, Toyota is extending the warranty on rust-through for vehicles with frames that have not yet perforated, and will repair or repurchase Tacomas with extensive enough corrosion. It is not a recall, not even a silent one, repeat that strenuously to your reflection.

That's all old news, but we keep receiving reports of the buy-back program offering phenomenal amounts for old trucks. Many message boards are alight with tales of payouts equaling 140 - 150% of the offending Taco's value, and Toyota itself pledges to consider any buy-back candidate an "excellent condition" specimen, regardless of how horribly it's been abused. The reasoning behind these happenings is likely manifold. Upon discovery of extensive corrosion, it could be a liability to allow the driver to continue using the vehicle. Also, making people extremely happy with make-goods likely improves the odds that they'll take the short walk from service to sales and drive away with a new Toyota. The program may be costly, but if enough people jump up and exclaim "Oh, What a Feeling!" it will be a priceless goodwill coup. Thanks to all who tipped.

[Source: CarSpace]

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