Schumacher becomes a team owner

Michael Schumacher may have turned down the opportunity to take over the Scuderia, but that doesn't mean he's given up on ever running his own racing team. Schumacher is co-owner of the KSM karting team, based near his hometown of Kerpen, Germany. To drive the team's kart in the German championship this year, Schumacher, who is in charge of driver development (no kidding), signed Carlos Sainz, Jr., the son of the two-time world rally champion.

Since Schumacher's retirement, many aspiring racers have been proclaimed as the champ's natural successor: his brother Ralf, his protege Felipe, the drivers that Michael's longtime manager Wili Webber has been handling, even Schumi's nephew. But now the man himself has put his weight behind Carlos Sainz, Jr. Schumi was quick to point out that he, like countless other star drivers, got his start in karts, and that the deal could put Sainz on the path to Formula One. Not too shabby an endorsement, then.

[Source: F1-Live]

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