7 - Jeep

Pouring In

An SUV in harmony with wildlife? Yeah, we know. But before you get your granola in a grind, lighten up and enjoy it for what it is. A Jeep Liberty driver is cruising on a forest highway as Andy Kim's guilty pleasure song "Rock Me Gently" comes on. First, a squirrel drops through the sunroof and begins to sing along, then a pair of birds. When a wolf jumps in and gulps a bird, the driver turns and gives it a WTF look. Wolfie quickly reconsiders, spits out the bird and they all resume their sing-along. Yes, the whole talking-animal thing breaks no new ground here, but the driver's expressions lift the ad enough to land this 2007 car commercial on our countdown.

6 - Chevrolet

The Car You Can't Ignore

For a company so in denial as to tout the pluses of owning an Aveo, it was refreshing for Chevy to acknowledge the last Malibu was as blah as a stale rice cake, and they want you to know they've learned their lesson by building a better one -- but not before completing their mea culpa with a shot at the old car. In one spot, a runner crosses a neighborhood street, blind to the parked sedan in her path. After nailing it and falling, the announcer suggests the new Malibu will be a car you can't ignore. That's basically the idea behind the companion spot, in which the crap-mobile is the getaway car for bank robbers. The cops screech up to the scene and run into the bank, oblivious to the baddies who casually pull away. We're just waiting for some numb nuts to try it in reality, then sue Chevy after their arrest.

5 - Hyundai

Toy Boy

Fine, the spot speaks nothing to the company's cars. No matter, it's still one of the best. As a cougar motors along with her boy toy, she spots her husband's car stopped at the light ahead. She calmly reclines her lover's seat, lowering him from view as she pulls alongside her husband. After a short, too polite acknowledgment between the spouses, hubby pulls away. Cougar returns the passenger seat to an upright position, after which we see the husband doing the same -- revealing a much younger boy toy of his own. Hilarious. And oh yeah, they were both driving Hyundais.

4 - BMW


How do you say it all without speaking a word? It helps when you make one of the most lust-worthy rides on four wheels. Truthfully, BMW could simply display a 30-second graphic saying "M3," with no music, announcer, special effects or shots of the car. Demand would still outweigh supply. Someone in Munich thought a better idea would be this extended commercial. It's little more than a driver easing his way out of a paddock before unleashing the M3 for some very hot laps around a track. Yet between the speed, engine sounds, camera angles, and soundtrack, it's impossible not to be moved by this. Dialogue would only be a distraction.

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