Mystery supercar not a Lotus at all

It was only natural. A bunch of autopundits picks up on reports of a camouflaged vehicle with supercar intent ripping around the English countryside, and we automatically think "Lotus." Wrong. The story isn't so black and white. The car itself is a Spectre, and it was spotted with Lotus paperwork in it at one point, adding to the speculation that it could be "Project Eagle," the recently announced Lotus 2+2. What's more likely is that C2P Automotive, Spectre's sister company, was hiring some help in from Lotus Engineering. The 7-liter engine is also reportedly not a GM unit, but rather a new bespoke powerplant. So, we're no closer to seeing any new blossoms at Lotus, but at least there's something cool to look at in the meantime.
[Source: LLN]

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